The reputed 3 brothers of winemaker
in the Japanese brewing industry.

Founded in 1805 in Otsu City, Shiga Prefecture, Japan. It is located on the shore of Lake Biwa, the largest lake in Japan. Inheriting the profound brewing process technology of "Noto Winemaker-Kanai Taiich", after more than two hundred years, it is devoted to the enthusiasm and sentiment of the staff for sake, and is meticulously committed to brewing every bottle of excellent quality wine.
In the picturesque Lake Biwa and under the gestation of the local customs, the Naminooto is only a small brewery made with a total of about 400 piculs in the year of rice, but it can concentrate more on every subtle winemaking process. The Winemaker column the bottle label reads the three brothers of Nakai is a rare three brothers in the Japanese winemaking industry. Today, they have a small reputation. The family works closely together, and these three brothers, the Naminooto Winemaker's brothers, confidently promote their master works to the world.

1Washing Rice The high grade rice will be quickly cleaned of rice bran, and then properly soaked and drained.
2Steaming Rice After washing and saturating with water, the rice can be steamed at 5 A.M.
3Making Distiller’s Yeast The steamed rice is transported to a dedicated space, and then the precious Aspergillus Oryzae is sprinkled all over it.
4Wine Brewing Operation Put the distiller’s yeast into the vat(Steamed rice,distiller’s yeast,and brewing water)followed by three wine making procedures.
5Tanking The wine pods are carefully squeezed out by the professional methods of the craftsmen. The front, middle, and back sections are squeezed in three sequential steps. The most delicious mid-section will be stored in special wine barrels.
6Bucket Bottle In a luxury and time-consuming way, only by gravity, the precious liquor is slowly collected.
You can view the Naminooto’s sake brewery in easy-to-understand videos.
Wine brewing seemingly
like child nurturing.
The three-story three-dimensional building structure is the biggest difference between Naminooto and other breweries. A staircase is erected in the center of the building and a winery and a dormitory are located next to the staircase. When the brewing operation enters its peak period, in order to bet all its efforts on the brewing process, they sacrifice their sleeping time and only seeks for a short break. Therefore, especially in the middle of the building, it creates a rest area for snap. At the same time, the dining space is set to be able to focus on winemaking operations.

Naminooto Shuzou
10th Master
Takashi Nakai
"The personalities of our brothers are meticulously uncompromising for details. If one of the three brothers says NO, we will review the winemaking process again. The three are all in pursuit of excellence and pledge to brew wine to the satisfaction of all."