Renovated from residence of grand father of 10th master of brewery.

Yokaro Restaurant is directly operated by Naminooto Brewery which is not far away from the distillery. With a history over 200 years, the restaurant was renovated from the wooden mansion house of the 8th generation owner in the early Showa period. It has now been designated as an important cultural relic by Shiga Prefecture. Taste the Naminooto wine while relishing natural eel dishes, only limited to 20 sets a day, it is worth the visitors to savor.

Through the gates, the sights and gardens that are reflected in the eyes are created by the Shiori Mori, the renowned architect of Kyoto Tōfuku-ji Temple Garden Landscaping. The building features a modern Showa style plus Japanese traditional style, which sheds a calm and steady atmosphere. Across the garden, you can enjoy the beautiful scenery of the No. 1 lake in Japan, Lake Biwa, and spend a rare leisure time. The beautiful scenery here was also praised by Takashi Takako, the master of Japanese poetry:“Otsuka,” visitors cannot help but revisit the place again.

Foreign customers in Japan are welcome to make reservation and inquiries.

(Limited reserved seats per day)

Every year, there are many sake lovers from all over Japan who visit Naminooto Brewery and choose to enjoy liquor and cuisine in Yokaro Restaurant. Here are some of the comments given by customers visiting here:


“We came to the opposite side of the building of Naminooto Brewery Building. The Yokaro Restaurant is directly run by the winemaker, was famous for its beautiful sights such as the Full Moon and the Temple of Feast. Yokaro's business method is based on a reservation system. It only accepts 20 customers a day, and is limited by the season. Normally, it is instantly fully booked upon opening for reservation. ”


A large wood carving sign stands at the gate, and after entering the gate is a Japanese garden. It is not far from Lake Biwa, and the scenery is picturesque. The garden was built by the Japanese garden. It is not far from Lake Biwa, and the scenery is picturesque. The garden was built by the Japanese master-class architect Shiori Mori. The garden landscape of Kyoto Tōfuku-ji Temple is also his masterpiece. The main structure of the house adopts the Japanese style of the early Showa era and the cup and saucer used are also very sophisticated. The owner of the brewery allows the customer to freely choose their favorite sake cup and helps us to fill it with award winning wine of the “Japan National New Wine Review.”

After the mellow sake enters the throat, the seasonal dishes came to the table one after another, and it expressed the warmth of the people and delivered seasonal fresh food. As the main course fresh eel appeared, it was filled with indescribable luxury sense of well-being! If you want to come again, make sure to make an early reservation. ”

The owner of the brewery said: “Like the local people, the local wine,local ingredients,and the scenery on the ground,
I sincerely hope that customers from abroad can enjoy themselves.”